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In 2003 The global group expanded and a new sister concern naming ECO Joined and started its business activities under the umbrella of Global Group of Companies. ECO was established as the first Environmental Consultancy providing all the services related to combat day to day environmental issues arising in Pakistan.


ECO with its exceptionally experienced team of professionals are quite handy at providing the most affordable solutions to the industries related to the reduction and elimination of environmental pollution, hence paving their way to the Greener Future. ECO has evolved into a technologically robust conglomerate with scope of services including environmental assessments, HAZOP studies, Trainings, audits (energy, environment, health and safety), fire consultancy, climate change, sustainability, water and wastewater Treatment and Alternate Energy. Moreover, ECO also offers complete solutions in the area of water and wastewater on EPC (Engineering procurement and construction) basis.

Further to above, ECO has experienced resource in the company and a number of collaborating partners to undertake Projects and provide Industrial Services in the field of Process Engineering, Plant & Equipment sourcing & Procurement, Commissioning & Startups, Raw materials & Product handling, Process Waste handling & incineration, Quality Lab operations and Industrial Trainings.

our commitment towards environment

As a company out commitment to sustainability includes efforts toward becoming a responsible contributor to cleaner environment. Environmental Consultancies and Options (ECO) proposed is to identify existing and future environmental problems, analyze the underlying causes, and determine possible solutions using environmental pragmatism. Our consulting, advisory and training services are aimed at empowering our clients’ manpower complement to develop the professional capacity to prevent and minimize their organizations’ environmental risks and liabilities, resulting out of potential legal noncompliance or undue physical harm to the environment or social well-being of communities.



To be one of the most preferred strategic partners in the field of environment and sustainability consulting, ECO strives to provide the highest quality of service to its clients and maintaining the extraordinary level of professional ethics and admirable core values.

ECO resolute to become a customer-orientated enterprise, committed to technical excellence with significant resources devoted to build an array of new products and services in the diversified field of environmental consulting firms in Pakistan

About Us


ECO is committed to provide sustainable environmental solutions that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with the long-term interests of the environment. We will achieve this by employing highly educated team members who will assist with in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for all of our clients’ land use needs.

ECO will always maintain high standards of professional conduct and will comply with local, provincial, and federal regulations. From initial site evaluations and environmental assessments to intrusive investigations and remedial operations, every aspect of environmental consulting and land management can be undertaken by ECO.


HSE Policy

ECO fully recognizes and assume its responsibility towards the safety of its employees and to others affected by the results of its undertakings as advisors or designers. I t is also the policy of the company to protect the environment and to minimize all negative impacts on the environment and to make advancements towards sustainable development

About Us

Bridging Business Relationships

Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, so we build a strong rapport with them, which is imperative for the success of Environmental Consultancies and Options (ECO). Through good times and bad, a solid relationship with our clients, helps us to ensure that our business continues to flourish. That’s why many of today’s most successful companies working in Pakistan have enjoyed good business relationships with us. ECO fully understands that developing strong relationships can take time and dedication, so we have employed precise customer service strategies, by which they feel at ease to work with ECO

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