Designing, Commissioning and Operations of Waste Water Treatment Plant, RO and DI Plants


ECO engineers and scientists have designed wastewater treatment facilities of different capacities. We have broad experiences in advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals, odor control and air pollution and water reuse. We have significant expertise in all facets of wastewater liquid stream and solids stream treatment ranging from conventional plants for organic removals to complex nutrient removal/resource recovery processes covering scopes from compliance evaluations to turnkey delivery of completely operational facilities. Our broad range of design and installation services include Sewage Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment plants, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, De-Ionization plants among others.


As one of the emerging wastewater treatment companies, we are at the forefront in the applications of various treatment technologies, which include

  • Preliminary treatment
  • Primary and secondary treatment
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Treatment technologies

Process Modeling

Using cutting edge simulating models, we provide optimized solutions to address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Biological treatment
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • Odor source and control
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Energy management
  • Resource recovery

Global Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At ECO, we transcend borders, pioneering environmental solutions across the globe. With a dynamic blend of expertise and innovation, we lead the way in comprehensive consultancy, cutting-edge technologies, and sustainable practices. Our commitment to a healthier planet is not just a promise—it’s a global impact in action, shaping a sustainable tomorrow for all


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